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The Wireframe Deck Collection

Complete the deck with blank cards and the digital version.

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Build Website Layouts on Your Desk

Collaborate and experiment with a deck of cards that gets anyone involved in the website design process, without software or sketching.

Take a Screen Break

Take a break from the screen and quickly test out different layouts in a hands-on activity for any team member, regardless of their expertise.

Design for All

While design apps are great for designers, they don’t get clients, product managers, developers and other team members participating in a creative and fun way.

Kickstart Your Process

Designers benefit from physical tools, whether working alone or with others, as a way to kickstart the creative process and quickly iterate on ideas.

Ways to Use the Cards

Whether you're working on your own or collaborating with a team or client, the Wireframe Deck gives you many ways to add a physical activity to your process.

Build and rearrange layouts

Experiment with responsive layouts

Discuss content strategy


Physical prototyping

Facilitate design workshops

Use as a teaching tool

Create your own game

Snap a photo and share


So many times, I have known pretty much what I want for a website for a project, an event, a new business, or whatever, but I am a terrible sketcher and I don’t know how to use the software tools that web designers use. A deck of cards would be ideal for me and probably a lot of other people too.

What's Included

130 cards in a high quality storage box.

130 Cards

130 2.5" square cards, each representing a common website or UI element, with a low fidelity mockup on one side and a high fidelity design on the other.

2-Piece Storage Box

A heavy, 2-piece box in an anti-scratch matte finish and tab dividers to help you organize your cards.


An accordion instruction booklet with tips on using the deck.