5 OmniGraffle Stencils We Love on Graffletopia

We love OmniGraffle for all of our diagramming and charting. We also love Graffletopia, home to hundreds of great stencils for OmniGraffle and one of the few places we sell our UX Kits. Following is the first installment of some of our favorite OmniGraffle stencils on Graffletopia.

Pictos Outlines Icon Set
Pictos make some of our favorite icons, and we love this outline version. It's very handy to have this and other Pictos sets available right in OmniGraffle. ($19)

Charts and Graphs Bundle
Charts come in handy for app mockups, proposals, infographics and many other docs, and this nicely designed bundle comes with all shapes and sizes from lines to pies to maps. ($49 bundle)

Simple Social Media Icons
A nice, complete set of simple social icons. Very handy for dropping into your wireframes and other projects. (free)

IxD Gestures
Hands are really hard to draw, and these look great. This gesture set also includes body and mobile gestures. (free)

Cabinet Stencils
A little off-topic, but this is an amazing stencil set for visualizing your cabinet, wall unit and other home design projects. Check out the great video overview. ($29 bundle)

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