December Giveaway: UI Stencils

We love the products over at UI Stencils. They have a great collection of custom stencils for drawing wireframes along with beautiful sketch pads, pens and pencils.

"UI Stencils was started in 2008 with the single notion that nothing beats the direct connection between hand, pencil, and paper. We make tools that help designers and creators capture the essence of an idea at the very start of the iteration process."

Enter Now

We're very excited to have great packages from UI Stencils for our December newsletter giveaway. Enter here to win 1 of 3 prizes, and you'll be automatically entered to win future prizes too.

10% Off UI Stencils

You can also head over to UI Stencils and use code "uxkits" for 10% off your order. Thanks to the UI Stencils team for the prizes and discount!

UI Stencils

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