Focus Book (2 pack)

13 week habit and priority tracker


Get stuff done in the face of distraction. Focus Book helps you establish a productive routine by combining habit tracking, a to-do list of your weekly priorities and brief reflection. Each notebook in your 2 pack covers 13 weeks, while taking up minimal desk space or fitting in your pocket. Offset printed in the U.S.A. on 100% recycled paper.

Why Focus Book

Get Stuff Done, Your Way

Life and work is full of distractions. Focus Book gives you a flexible 3 part framework to help you focus on what's important. Adapt it to your workflow to create habits, track priorities and get things done.

1. Habits

Habit tracking helps you record the things you want to do multiple times each week. By writing down and checking off daily habits so they are more likely to become rituals you follow each day without a second thought.

2. Priorities

Record and track progress on priorities you can't risk forgetting like projects, to-do's or people to follow-up with. This gives you one place to look for those things that may end up scribbled on a piece of paper, even if you're using a separate to-do app.

3. Reflection

At the end of each week you can reflect by tracking progress and writing a note. Reward yourself and encourage improvement from week-to-week.

How it Works

Your Week at a Glance

A two page spread shows you habits up top and priorities and brief reflection at the bottom. Check out some examples of how you can use Focus Book for work or home (or both).

  • Blank
  • For Work
  • For Home
Features & Specs

What's In Your Focus Book

Small but powerful, Focus Book fits gives you a lot to work with in a clean, flexible layout.


At 3.5 x 5", Focus Book takes up minimal desk space or fits in your pocket, while packing in 13 weeks.

2 Pack = 6 Months

Your 2 pack covers 6 months. Keep your 2nd ready for the next 13 weeks or gift it to a friend.

32 Pages

13 weekly spreads plus some extra tools to get the most of your Focus Book.


Start by setting your overall rating and goals, and end with a summary of your 13-week progress.

Blank Spread

Need to doodle or take notes? A dot-grid spread gives you some room outside of your weekly tracking.


Ideas on how to best your Focus Book, though it's intentionally flexible so you can make it your own.

How It's Made

Made With Care

Focus Books are responsibly printed in the U.S.A.

100% Recycled

100% recycled papers sourced from American mills, printed with vegetable-based inks.

Made in the U.S.A.

Offset printed in Portland, Oregon on machinery powered with renewable energy.

The Paper

The pages are 70# text weight paper with an 18pt chipboard cover.

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