Modular, flexible user personas


Creating user personas is easy with UX Kits Personas, a flexible template that allows you to quickly create everything from simple persona cards to detailed docs with demographics, timelines, flows and empathy maps. Stop creating everything from scratch and speed up your workflow by using the kit to create your personas in no time. Personas is modular, with 28 different blocks to build personas to meet the requirements of your projects. Also included is a character building kit, with countless combinations of people illustrations for your personas created by swapping out skin tone, hair, expressions, clothing and accessories.

Why Create Personas

Focus on Customers

A user persona lets you, and your clients, focus on customers first, a critical component of UX and customer experience design.

1. Research

A persona must be based on real customers and not expectations or assumptions. By first conducting research such as interviews, polls and studying analytics, you can create reality-based personas.

2. Empathy

By discovering the true needs of your customers you can build empathy and then ultimately build the ideal product that is made from them, not you.

3. Personas

Based on that research and empathy, you can create personas that identify your target audiences and their actual needs, wants, frustrations, etc.

How it Works

Modular, Flexible Personas

UX Kits Personas features symbols, or components, that allow you to build a variety of persona docs of all sizes. The symbols fit into a simple grid and are stretchable so you can quickly build persona docs.


The Character Builder

Have a little fun creating your personas with the character builder. Two base characters with a variety of skin tones, hair styles, expressions, clothing and accessories let you create illustrations that represent your customers.

Features & Specs

What's In Personas

UX Kits Personas includes components and customizable people illustrations to create all types of user persona docs.

28 Components

Editable blocks from simple text, quotes and lists to bar graphs, flows, timelines and empathy maps.

The Character Builder

Create an endless number of character illustrations with different skin tones, hair styles, expressions and clothing.

11 Samples

Sample persona docs are included to demonstrate the different types of personas you can create. Use them for a quick start!


Fonts and colors utilize styles so you can easily redesign blocks, or the entire look and feel of your user personas.

People Photos

If you prefer to use photos over illustrations, 18 photos of a variety of people are included to jump start your work.

Intro & Help

An intro doc starts you with some tips and tricks to get the most out of UX Kits Personas.

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