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        Website Flowchart & Sitemap

        Website Flowchart & Sitemap

        A website's information architecture, layout and flow in one deliverable.

        Illustrator $29
        OmniGraffle $29
        Sketch $29
        Bundle (3 formats) $39

        Flowcharts in minutes

        Drag-n-drop elements from our flowchart template to create professional client deliverables. You get all the pages, lines and labels and a big example as a starting point.

        Mini Wireframes

        The flowchart template comes packaged with 63 mini wireframes to represent common page layouts, built on a 4-column grid for easy editing and snapping.

        Loved by Clients

        Flowcharts not only demonstrate the architecture and interactions on a website, but also show a general idea of the content and layout of each page.

        OmniGraffle Version:

        • OmniGraffle Stencil
        • OmniGraffle Flowchart Example
        • Requirements: OmniGraffle

        Illustrator Version:

        • Editable AI (CS6) files
        • Editable EPS (AI 10 compatible) files
        • Flowchart template
        • Flowchart example
        • Requirements: For use with Adobe® Illustrator® or other applications capable of editing EPS files


        Adobe and Illustrator are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. OmniGraffle and Graffle are trademarks of The Omni Group.